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Your car air conditioning system needs regular servicing on all its parts. The compressor needs oil, the filters need cleaning or replacing regularly because a blocked air-con filter will affect the performance of the entire system and maybe even cause it to stop working all together, and the rubber seals need to be checked for any leaks or deterioration.


In a car air conditioning system the refrigerant gas needs to be recharged completely within four years from the manufacture date and every two to three years after that. Getting a yearly Car air-con service will help to avoid costly breakdowns - and a well serviced air-con in your car helps you use less petrol because the compressor has to work harder when its un-serviced and this actually puts a bigger load on the engine using more fuel and therefore costing you more money.

Prompt Auto repairs are qualified refridgerant handlers and can perform air conditioning repairs, services and regas on most makes and models.


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Ask about our MiST service. A MiST service will kill any bacteria that may be lurking in your Car's Air system. This bacteria can cause odours and even make you sick, especially if you have allergies or asthma. A MiST clean of your system uses ultra sonic technology to ensure that your car's air con system is clean and free of nasty bugs - making your car not just small better but makes it healthier for you and your family.


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