Wheel Alignment


What is a wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment means precisely measuring and adjusting your cars wheels to guarantee that they are aligned perfectly to each other and the road surface.

Why should my wheels be aligned?

It’s simple – if one of your wheels is angling left while the other three are facing straight ahead that wheel is going to ‘pull’ in a different direction. This causes uneven tyre wear, affects your suspension, steering and the safety of your car. Misaligned tyres can change your ability to steer your vehicle – and this can varyfrom a slight ‘pull’ or even cause you to have trouble controlling your car overall. Especially dangerous in emergency situations like sudden breaking or hard steering to avoid an accident or obstruction in the road like a wild animal.

Why don’t tyres just stay aligned?

Numerous things affect a wheels alignment. Constant wear and tear, rough driving, bumpy roads, potholes, and speed bumps are just some of the causes of Wheels becoming misaligned.

How do I know if my Car needs a wheel alignment?

When tyres become very out of balance there are signs like your car pulling to one side, or side to side, your steering wheel seeming ‘off-centre’ or your tyres wearing unevenly. Most times the decline of your wheel alignment is so gradual you don’t even notice the change in your cars feel, but you will certainly notice the sudden improvement once your tyres are properly aligned.

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